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Welcome to the E4S Training Hub

Welcome to the E4S training hub. Here you will find information about a range of learning opportunities to support your staff to develop their confidence and competence to teach Relationships, Sex and Health education.

This section of E4S is available to all settings regardless whether you are subscribing school or not and contains information relating to learning opportunities offered by West Sussex County Council and a range of local partners as well as selected national providers.

E4S subscribing schools are presented below with a range of courses and training opportunities that have been mapped against the cornerstone concepts and themes based on your E4S pathway profiler results. These are shown as Your Training Resources however these are not mandatory sessions; rather suggested learning opportunities. Non E4S schools can view some featured courses and access all other information displayed as a list to manually search within the blue box at the bottom of the page. E4S schools can also over ride the suggested courses and manually search listings.

You can filter learning opportunities to find those which are most suitable to your needs and preferences, plus you can also access short training slides to help you navigate around the online platform or to find out more about the vision and ethos that drive E4S.

E4S Support Videos

Instructional videos to support you on your E4S journey, including how to use the various tools.

Featured Training resources

Context Mapping

Introductory webinar to introduce the concepts context mapping to help schools gather information and intelligence from young people about the places and spaces they feel safe or unsafe at school or ...

Formats: Webinar

Cost: £75

Contextual Safeguarding Resource Pack

Resource pack to aide understanding of Contextual Safeguarding and how it can be applied to own practice

Formats: Resource Pack

Introduction to Child Exploitation

Introduction to Child Exploitation

Formats: Webinar

Cost: £75

Introduction to Contextual Safeguarding

Introductory webinar to introduce the concepts of Contextual Safeguarding and how it is being developed in West Sussex

Formats: Webinar

Cost: £75

Modern Slavery Basic Awareness

2 hr Basic Awareness Raising webinar on Modern Slavery: What it is, how to recognise, and what to do about it. Can be bespoke for Staff, Governors, Parents/Carers and Pupils. Partcipation in webinar ...

Formats: Webinar

Cost: £100

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Click below to access a comprehensive catalogue of training courses and learning opportunities covering relevant aspects of each E4S cornerstone. The catalogue is available to all schools and can be filtered to meet your requirements.

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Click below to access a selection of relevant courses and training resources from national providers that can be used to help you build confidence when delivering RSHE content to pupils.

E4S Pedagogical courses

Click below to access as range of pedagogical courses and learning opportunities that have been designed specifically to support West Sussex schools.